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Mumble Herder

"It is not a bad thing in a tale that you understand only the half of it."

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David J. Schwartz
22 September 1970
Composition: one part mystic, one part cynic, two parts hermit. Height: shorter than Elvis but taller than Johnny. Eyes: Fulfillingness' First Finale. Hair: sometimes. Build: Tower of Babel, Gormenghast, Temples of Syrinx. Subject to change without notice.

My first novel, Superpowers, came out in 2008 from Three Rivers Press and Vintage UK Originals. It was recently nominated for the Nebula Award for Best Novel.

Add me if you feel like it; you're also welcome to lurk, if that's what you're comfortable with. I usually friend back, but the list is starting to get pretty long, so that may not continue indefinitely.

Secret City excerpts.

I'm also on MySpace, and have a website. Here's a link to my photos on Flickr. For older content, check out my old Blogger blog here.

Here are links to some stories I wrote:

"The New Year's Party" at Strange Horizons
"Iron Ankles" at Strange Horizons
"The Colossus Vignettes" at Fortean Bureau
"Vagina Music" at Flashquake
"The Water-Poet and the Four Seasons" at Strange Horizons
"The Lethe Man" reprinted at my website

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