David J. Schwartz (snurri) wrote,
David J. Schwartz

2012 Reading #2: Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf

1. Feral Cell by Richard Bowes.

2. Orlando by Virginia Woolf. I am overwhelmed by this book. It is smart, wry, fanciful, gorgeous, insightful, and whimsical--the scalpel of Woolf's intelligence that she wields so well in Three Guineas and A Room of One's Own turned playful without becoming frivolous. But that doesn't really do Orlando--the book or the character--any sort of justice. Maybe, given a great deal of time and a reread or two, I could say more and better, but for now all I can say is that I wish Woolf were alive so I could write her an email and tell her how much I loved her book.
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