David J. Schwartz (snurri) wrote,
David J. Schwartz

Three Things That Worldbuilding Doesn't Replace

This post brought to you by the fact that I have been trying to read some epic fantasy lately. It hasn't gone well.

1. Plot. "A group of characters discover this awesome world that I worked really hard on" is not a plot. "War is bad" is not a plot. "The paths of several people I think are really interesting gradually converge and/or diverge, punctuated by swordplay" is not a plot.

2. Character. Just because a character is a product of a strange sect, profession, or ethnicity which you have created does not automatically make him or her interesting. If they wouldn't be interesting if you translated them into our world it's a good bet that they won't be interesting in the context of your world, no matter how many maps you have drawn.

3. Voice. Get one. Seriously.
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